Heir should change property title promptly

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DEAR BOB: My parents died within four days of each other in 2005. In their will, their house was left to me. I am their only child. There is still a mortgage, which I have been paying. Can I have the title to this property changed to my name now although there is a mortgage? I am not able to pay off the mortgage balance. How do I handle this situation, as I want to have the title placed in my name and my husband's name because we are living in the house and will want to sell it someday? --Terri R. DEAR TERRI: Unless the estates of your parents qualify for an exception, their wills must be probated by the local Probate Court, which will transfer the title to you as the sole heir. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. After you hold title, you should notify the mortgage lender to change the name on the mortgage to you. But the lender cannot call the mortgage due, nor can you be charged a mortgage assumption fee, because you are the offspring of the decedents and are living in the house. Of...