Don’t wait, clear up title problem now

Prevent future problems that could explode into lawsuits

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DEAR BOB: I was divorced over 25 years ago. My ex-husband and I held title to our home together. Since he didn't show up in court, the judge ordered in the divorce decree that my husband "quitclaim" our property to me. But he never signed the quitclaim deed. My attorney said it wasn't necessary because of the judge's ruling in the divorce decree. My adult daughter is concerned that because my ex-husband never signed the quitclaim deed, he could, after my passing, come back and claim half of the property. Should I take any action now? --Barbara V. DEAR BARBARA: Yes. Your daughter's fears are well-founded. It would be best to clear the title of your ex-husband's name now. After you die, he might show up to claim half of the property. Your daughter would then have to bring a quiet title lawsuit to clear his name off the title, using the divorce decree as evidence. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Presuming your ex-husband is still alive and can be located, you could bring a quiet title ...