Why is construction supervisor angry at home inspectors?

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Dear Barry, I'm a construction supervisor for a nationwide residential developer, and frankly, I'm tired of dealing with you know-it-all home inspectors. My company constructs good homes; we build them to code; and we don't sell them until they've been approved by a city or county inspector. But some of our buyers, after the municipal inspector says everything is OK, waste their money on a bogus inspector like you. They hire some self-appointed "expert" who invents a list of imaginary problems, just to make the buyers think they're getting some value for the inspection fee. For example, we installed a water heater and secured the exhaust connections with metallic tape. The city inspector signed it off, but a home inspector said the connections should be fastened with screws. In another house, a home inspector said that all the windows should be safety glass. Why don't you guys find some real jobs instead of making up problems where there aren't any? --Howard Dear Howard, L...