I can’t live in this apartment, literally

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Tenant Un Sil McNairy and other residents of the 224-unit Victoria Apartments sued the owners and resident managers -- Hee Cho and his wife Man Park -- for actual and emotional distress damages due to breach of the warranty of habitability. Evidence presented at the trial by the 24 tenants who testified showed an infestation of cockroaches in their apartments and the common areas, rust in the water, pigeons and pigeon droppings, inoperable appliances including heaters and air conditioners, inoperable electrical outlets, floods, termites, peeling paint, worn carpets, and lack of either hot or cold water. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In one unit, the bathroom ceiling collapsed. The malfunctioning elevator was another common complaint. The tenants' expert witness testified he saw 30 to 35 cockroaches in every unit he inspected. City inspectors testified as to cockroaches, leaky faucets, mold, inoperable ventilation, inoperable appliances, and pigeon droppings. Eigh...