We forgot to tell you about the broken heat

Condo buyers ponder lawsuit to recover $30,000 in expected repairs

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DEAR BOB: After purchasing a townhouse condominium, my husband and I soon learned the heat didn't work. I have had several heating experts confirm the problem. Local heating contractors tell me they are aware of the deficient heat throughout the complex. In addition to the seller failing to disclose this major defect, her real estate agent who sells these units lived in the complex until recently. Replacing the electrical system (gas is not available) won't be cheap. Estimates are about $30,000. The seller refuses to respond to our letters, and the listing agent refuses to enter into arbitration. Is it worthwhile to recover our costs with a lawsuit against the seller and the realty agent? If we can prove fraud, can we recover punitive damages? --Karen S. DEAR KAREN: How ironic that your letter about lack of heat arrived in the middle of summer. But you are very wise to take steps to solve the problem now before cold weather arrives. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. You...