Giving notice, moving out: Here’s how to do it

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Q: I'm thinking of giving notice and moving out of my place. Any suggestions? A: First, are you sure you want to move out? If you're leaving due to a curable reason, you may want to give the situation a healthy look, especially if the rent or location is hard to match. Potentially curable problems run the gamut from noisy neighbors to increased rents to dripping faucets. Incurable problems include an undesirable location, permanent sources of noise, or a landlord unwilling or unable to fix problems. If the problem may be curable, consider writing a simple and straightforward letter to the landlord to help iron out the problem. Is your rent too high? Rent increases are not engraved in stone. If rents are lower or the same for comparable units, give a few examples from some local research. Skip anecdotal evidence, such as "The neighbor down the street said I'm paying too much." Offer a specific suggestion for a solution to problems, such as "Please ask the nei...