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What to do when everyone’s gone fishin’

Diary of a real estate rookie

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August doldrums here. I have a closing scheduled for next week and every little thing that has to be done I am doing with the utmost, nearly slavish, care, because I have so much time on my hands. Scheduling the walk-through? Why, I did that today, with my pings to both my dear client and the listing broker getting answered instantly. Guess that's a nice reminder that no one else is too busy either. When I left my corporate job two years ago, my best friend, an established freelancer, said, "Call me when you clean the bathroom." Well, the dog days teach me something about myself: that no matter how slow work is, I don't naturally switch my energies to cleaning. I am trying to be a good girl and clear off my desk (yuck!) but who likes that, really, so even when I go to the office with a few things to be filed, I just spend hours hanging out swapping stories with the other agents. Part of that is because my buyer clients aren't really around -- this one is on a business tr...