Best way to sell house in buyer’s market

Consider rate buydowns when buyers are short on cash

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These days, I hear many complaints from home sellers. Among them: "It's been on the market for nine months with nary a nibble"; "I cut the price three times, still hasn't sold"; and "Three other houses on my block are up for sale, so I took mine down." In a buyer's market, sellers not only compete with each other, they are also in competition with builders. But builders have an advantage: they have affiliations with lenders through whom they offer financial inducements that most individual home sellers don't know about. Yet the fact is that there is nothing that builders offer that individual home sellers cannot match, provided they know how. Typically, the first thing sellers think about doing to make their houses more marketable is reduce the price. Very often, that doesn't work, because the price is not the problem. If potential borrowers are cash-constrained or income-constrained, a price reduction provides very little help. Here is an example. Jones has her house list...