Newly built home riddled with problems

What to do if builder refuses to correct defects

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Dear Barry, I bought a new house from an owner-builder about three years ago. The building consists of concrete block walls on a concrete slab foundation. For quite some time, I've noticed white mineral deposits on some on the interior walls around the doors and windows, and moisture on some of the walls when it rains. And recently, some new problems have developed. The Pergo floors are buckling, and some of the electrical outlets are no longer working. I've notified the builder of these problems, but he shows no interest or concern. What should I do? Oh, and by the way, the builder is also carrying the note on the property. --Jory Dear Jory, It appears that you have some serious construction defects. Groundwater, rainwater or both are penetrating the walls and possibly the slab floor, as well. My first suspicion, without seeing the property, is that portions of the walls and slab are below the outside grade level, that they were not sufficiently waterproofed, and that no g...