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"The saddest thing in life is wasted talent." --Lorenzo Anello in "A Bronx Tale" "A Bronx Tale" is an emotive coming-of-age saga that pits a young boy, Calogero, in a conflict between two paternal role models -- his working-class father, Lorenzo, played by Robert DeNiro, and his Mafioso patron, Sonny, played by Chazz Palminteri. Calogero, a good boy by nature, is drawn in by the glamour of his pontificating gangster friend. He takes to heart the lessons he imparts. Slowly, Calogero drifts away from the sound advice of his real father. Misguided, charmed, drawn in by fast money, power and influence, and protected by a false bubble placed around him, Calogero enters young adulthood with a warped perspective on life and is dim to the consequences surrounding his actions. In the end, all that seemed right falls apart. Calogero's friends perish in their enflamed car. Sonny gets taken out by the son of a man he whacked eight years prior. A Real Estate Tale As I lay in bed two Friday ni...