Unlicensed remodeler makes costly mistake

Lawsuit to get homeowners to pay for work backfires

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Homeowners Ghyath Issak and Barbara Weber hired Laurence Wright to do remodeling work at their residence. They paid him approximately $27,000 over four months. Later, Wright sued them for an additional $11,000. The homeowners cross-complained for fraud, based on Wright's underreporting of his payroll of only $312 to his workers' compensation insurer and his lack of a contractor's license, as required by state law. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Wright argued that, although his contractor's license might have lapsed for underreporting of his payroll for workers' compensation insurance, he should still be entitled to payment of the $11,000 additional owed by the homeowners. If you were the judge would you award contractor Wright the $11,000 he sought for home remodeling work? The judge said no! "The importance of deterring unlicensed persons from engaging in the contracting business outweighs any harshness between the parties," the judge explained. Although contract...