Family death no excuse for canceling home purchase

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DEAR BOB: A friend of mine was going to purchase a house. She signed a contract agreeing to move forward with the closing procedures. She had put $500 down and had a professional home inspection completed. Her mother was battling cancer and died. She then contacted the Realtor and backed out of buying the house. Now the seller and his Realtor are threatening to sue her for not buying the house. Is it true she can be sued? --Jenna B. DEAR JENNA: Yes. When you sign a contract to buy real estate that agreement is binding on both the seller and buyer. If the seller had changed his mind about selling, your buyer friend could have sued for specific performance of the sales contract to force the seller to deliver the deed. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But the seller is unlikely to sue the buyer for specific performance to force the buyer to buy. Instead, the seller might sue the defaulting buyer for breach-of-contract damages, namely the monetary loss the seller takes if ...