Shooting victim sues trailer-park owners

Says failure to evict gang-member neighbors caused violence

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George and Paule Olsher have owned their 60-space mobile-home park since 1991. One of their residents, Ernest Castaneda, 17, returned about 1 a.m. to the mobile home where he lived with his sister and grandmother, Joyce Trow. After letting his sister know he was home, Castaneda went outside on the front porch. Shots were fired by alleged gang member Manuel Viloria from mobile-home space 23 across the street. Castaneda was hit in the back and severely injured. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Several months before the shooting, Joyce Trow had complained to the park manager, Beverly Rogers, about the occupants of space 23, including Viloria. Rogers said she talked to owner George Olsher about these gang-related problems and was told, "Their money is as good as yours." When Castaneda later sued Olsher for damages, he alleged Olsher should have refused to rent space to gang members and he should have evicted gang members living in the park. Evidence was presented at the ...