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Lead generation is dead

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The following fake press release appeared on my desk this morning: (Tampa, Fla. -- Oct. 2, 2007) The National Association of Tired Ideas today issued a brief statement noting the death of online real estate lead generation. Lead Generation, which emerged on the scene scarcely 10 years ago, met its demise on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 2:30 a.m. on a template Web site belonging to Don "The Deal Maker" Davies, an agent who "goes the extra mile for his clients," but rarely checks his e-mail. "I noticed a glitch in our lead system and found that it was trying to pass along the name 'Boris Yeltsin' to Mr. Davies," said Steve Hendstrom, the attending technician. "I tried everything I could to free up the system, but in the end, all I could get it to do was belch, make a clanging sound, and utter the word 'Rosebud' to absolutely no one in particular ... Lead Generation crashed, just like that." Lead Generation was born on March 22, 1994, on the Web site of Minneapolis agent Dale Montrose, who w...