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Talking it down

Diary of a real estate rookie

At the height of the real estate boom,, Lockhart Steele's snarky community real estate site, ran a contest for one word to describe the borough of Brooklyn. The word that won was "sun-drenched." The answer was seen as a wry comment on real estate agents and our unending hype. During the boom, no home was "small"; it was "cozy." No home was "large"; it was "massive." Well, those days -- and mind you, I'm in a submarket that's still hot -- are gone. I am shopping for an apartment for two newlyweds, just starting out, and everything I find for them the other brokers try to talk me out of. My clients are in a one-bedroom now, and they're looking for something bigger. A two-bedroom would be great; they have no kids yet, so the spare room could serve as an office, possibly a place to park bookshelves full of media stuff. I sure would like a room like that, and so would they. I know the wife has visions of getting her wedding china out of her in-laws' basement. So ...