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Coldwell Banker launches new valuation, online archiving tools

Home Tracker tool estimates home value based on improvements

Home Tracker, a new online service by Coldwell Banker, allows homeowners who register at the company's Web site to calculate home value based on actual and planned improvements and to archive scanned home records and digital photos. The password-protected Home Tracker site also allows users to set up alerts to notify them about changes in home values and recent home sales in the neighborhood. These new tools are featured as a part of Coldwell Banker's Personal Retriever Toolkit, a suite of online tools that allow consumers to find and save homes of interest, view new listings via e-mail or widget, find sales associates and find and save other real estate-related resources. An "improvement calculator" available through Home Tracker estimates how much impact home improvement projects, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, will have on the overall value of the home. Some Web sites that focus on home valuations, such as Cyberhomes, RealEstateABC and Zillow, also allow users to refine home ...