Can tenant break lease because of illness?

Rent it Right

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Q: We rent a single-family house and have a two-year lease. A month into the lease, the owners told us they'll be selling the property, and sure enough, we've had droves of real estate agents and potential buyers traipsing through our home. My wife has a serious medical condition (she's in a wheelchair and uses a ventilator) and needs peace and quiet so she can rest, but with this commotion it's impossible. The landlord refuses to be reasonable. We want to leave, but do we have grounds to break our lease? --Steve F. A: Most states have laws governing when, for what reason, and with how much notice a landlord may enter a tenant's home. Entry to show the property to prospective buyers is always on the list of permitted reasons. As disruptive as it is, if your landlord is following your state's access rules, there's not much you can do on that front. But if your landlord is violating state law -- by not giving adequate notice or insisting on inappropriate showing times -- you...