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Zillow to take listings from 282 newspapers

New partnership set to launch in first half of '08

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017 today announced a partnership with 11 newspaper chains that will allow it to take classified ads from 282 newspapers beginning next year. The deal will give advertisers who place their print and online for-sale listings and open-house announcements with the newspapers the option of displaying the ads on Zillow, which claims 4 million monthly visitors. The newspapers will also have the ability to use Zillow's platform to enhance their own online sites with information on homes, neighborhoods and price trends, the partners in the agreement said in a press release. Zillow, which currently claims nearly 300,000 listings and 92,000 "Make Me Move" prices set by owners, said it will benefit from more comprehensive for-sale listings and open-house announcements. "Reading the weekend real estate section is a ritual that many enjoy, and to brokers and agents the paper is a core marketing tool," said Lloyd Frink, Zillow's president, in a statement announcing the newspaper alliance. ...