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Home prices rise in 33 states since Sept. 2006

FALP study: 19 of 31 top metro areas saw price declines

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Home prices fell in 17 states during the last year, but most states "continue to have stable home values," and a half dozen others even showed moderate price growth, according to a new analysis of repeat sales by First American LoanPerformance. Home prices in five states -- Wyoming, Utah, North Carolina, Alabama and Maine -- grew at between 5 percent and 10 percent between September 2006 and September 2007, LoanPerformance reported, and at more than 10 percent in Hawaii. Although most states --33 in total -- saw at least modest price appreciation in past year, the trend has already reversed in some states. Prices have been falling for two months in New York, for example. But the state still makes LoanPerformance's list of 27 states where prices are up between 5 percent and 10 percent, because all of the gains made in the last year haven't been erased. The findings were included in an announcement of the release of First American's September 2007 LoanPerformance Home Pric...