When can my rental become my dream home?

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DEAR BENNY: In a recent column, I read that 1031 property transfers had to be held for a period of one to two years to establish "intent." I thought that a law was passed in October 2004 that stated the "intent" period was five years. I bought a 1031 property in California in 2005 and would appreciate this being clarified. Thank you for column! --Nancy M. DEAR NANCY: The column was correct and so are you -- but you both are referring to different aspects of a 1031 (often called a "Starker") exchange. Issue #1: Here, too, there are two issues: (a) How long can you hold the replacement property before you can exchange it again? and (b) How long do you have to keep the property as investment before you can move into the property and treat it as your principal residence? As for (a), the statute clearly says that in order to get non-recognition of gain, you have to keep it for at least two years. As to (b), as that recent column properly stated, there is absolutely no IRS offi...