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Newspapers: Not dead yet

The Davison Files

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Editorial policies aside. Costs aside. Are newspapers really a dead medium for real estate advertising? If you think that print media -- and in particular newspaper advertising -- is a waste of money, think again. Considering all the honest-to-goodness garbage found in most papers, a well placed, well written, neatly conceptualized ad could do wonders for your brand, your business, your properties and your customers. I know the Web is cheap. I know it's easy. But let's get down to the heart of the matter of real estate's mass exodus from newspapers. I'm weeding through all the crying to mama about the media and the woe-is-me thinking to try to figure out why papers have fallen so out of fashion with real estate. I think the conventional wisdom here is lacking, so I will offer my own: The newspaper format is waning, and the return on investment from newspaper advertising is being questioned, in large part because most in the industry have never figured out how to master i...