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Start 2008 with a clean slate

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Happy New Year! Are you setting goals for 2008? Before you begin, the most important decision you may make is determining which goals from 2007 to keep and which ones to dump. Have you ever set a goal and not completed it? If so, are you still hanging onto that goal or have you let it go? If you would like to achieve what is really important to you as well as create more space and time in your life, now is an ideal time to begin by cleaning your slate of old goals. There are many reasons for letting go of goals you haven't yet achieved. For example, you may have had the goal of losing 10 pounds. This goal may be something you carried for the last five years. The energy you spent feeling guilty about the foods you eat, discussing how you need to go on a diet, and condemning yourself for not taking action, could be diverted into achieving other important goals. Letting go of unachieved goals allows new energy and new opportunities to come into your life. It also makes it e...