Smokers having tougher time finding rentals

More cities make it illegal to light up in units, common areas

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Q: I've had a tough time finding a rental because I smoke. I found a great place but was told it was a "smoke-free" building, inside and out. Don't I have a right to smoke wherever I want? A: The right to smoke depends on when and where you want to light up. Smoking has become a huge source of conflict, especially in light of health concerns regarding secondhand smoke. Fanning the flames are smokers who maintain that smoking is their right and should not be compromised. The conflict has given rise to several laws and definitions regarding smokers' rights, usually outlined by local law. In some localities, both residential and commercial buildings have been deemed "nonsmoking" in areas ranging from the common areas to the units themselves and everywhere in between. The only exception to the "no-smoking-allowed" rule being enforced may be when a pre-existing lease is silent on the subject, leaving the lessee undisturbed until the lease period has run out. Since those who sm...