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When loyalty is based on indifference

The Davison Files

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It's amazing what some companies take for granted. It's amazing what some companies leave on the table. It's amazing what some companies don't do to blow their customers away. It's sad how little most companies invest in building affection with their customers. I could be talking about major real estate brands. I could be talking airlines. I could be talking about phone carriers. My Verizon bill After nearly dropping dead from the shock of my January cell-phone bill, I dialed 611 while pacing a trench in my living room. As it turns out, the culprits were the hordes of Verizon folks who'd switched to AT&T over the holidays, causing my free mobile-to-mobile minutes to plummet. The result: Hundreds of new billable minutes added to an otherwise stable monthly bill. Just like that. Verizon could have built an alert of some kind that recognizes when we, the loyalists, are on the threshold of a violent overage. But they didn't. According to a summer poll conducted by M:Metrics, roughly...