Spousal abuse raises risk of eviction

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Q: I have a real difficult situation here that I need help with. One of my tenants has an abusive husband who hits her. More than once, she's called the police, and the resulting chaos is really upsetting for the other residents. I feel sorry for her, but I can't tolerate these disruptions. I know that if I had a tenant who fought with other residents, I could evict that person for disturbing the peace. Can I do the same with this couple? --Bill L. A: You're right when you point out that in general, when tenants cause disturbances of this magnitude, you're on solid ground to terminate their tenancy for failing to allow others the quiet enjoyment of their rented homes (let alone for engaging in criminal assaults and batteries on your property). But the answer may be different when it comes to domestic violence between spouses (or between domestic partners, or even nonmarried or nonregistered couples). It depends on whether your state has passed specific legislation protecti...