Livin’ la vida startup

Perspective: Lessons learned in new launches

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After many years reporting on real estate startups, I finally had the opportunity to live the life of a startup when Inman News launched the new Web site last week. Experiences are always more beneficial when given the chance to stand back and process lessons learned along the way. I'd like to share mine here for any readers who may be struggling with launching a new project this year: 1. Things will go wrong. There's no getting around it. The months and months of planning and developing will lead up to a launch day and you can't really plan for how that day will unfold. Just keep a cool mind, remember that it's all part of the launch, and try to fix problems with a head-first approach -- which leads to #2. 2. Charge ahead no matter what bumps get in the way. Again, bumps are a natural part of launching a new project or Web site. You can't always anticipate all of them. Always be faithful to the project, though, and don't let the obstacles fool you into walking backwa...