Can townhouse community ban RV parking?

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Q: I own a townhouse that I rent out. One of the rules in our development restricts residents and guests from parking RVs in their driveways or on the streets. My tenants just bought an RV and tell me that because there's no state or local law forbidding anyone from parking an RV at a rental home or even on the city streets, they should be able to do so despite our community rule. Do state laws override our CC&Rs? --Dorothy H. A: Your community's rule is a common one that many common-interest communities, such as townhouse developments, place in their operating documents, or "CC&Rs." These rules often regulate issues concerning safety and aesthetics, even going so far as to dictate the color you can paint on your front door. Most CC&R rules are upheld unless they conflict with a federal, state or local law, or are arbitrary and bear no relation to rational business judgment. The important word for you is conflict. Let's assume that your tenant is co...