Can real estate still be fun?

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Real estate just isn't fun any more. Or is it? Remember the good old days when home sales were off the charts? Prices were cut from their kite-strings? Open houses were packed with people -- or even cancelled because the sellers had received multiple better-than-asking offers the first day on the market? Remember when appraisals were higher than sale prices and mortgages were given out like candy on Halloween? Remember when buyers were exuberant, and sellers were ecstatic? Maybe you remember the housing boom of the early naughts as clearly as you recall this morning's breakfast. But perhaps, now that all the good news has turned sour, the housing boom has started to seem more like a long ago dream than an actual memory. Today, the harsh realities seem to pile on like linesmen after the quarterback has been sacked. Home sales have slid to new lows. Values have plummeted back to earth, and appraisals come in lower than asking prices. Open houses are deserted, apart from a fe...