Upon death, father wants no title problems for kids

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Q: My mother died a couple of months ago, and my dad wants to make sure that title to his house is in his name. How do we determine the status of title? Dad wants to make sure that upon his death, his three children will not have any problems regarding the house. A: First, while I am sure that your motives are pure, you have to remember that the decision on where to distribute your dad's assets when he dies is his -- and his alone -- to make. The answer to your question depends on how your parents held title. You can ask an attorney to do a title search or you may be able to go to the Web site of the local recorder of deeds in the county (or city) where the property is located and get a copy of the original deed to the house. There are several ways that property can be owned: 1. Sole owner. This is obvious; you own the property in your own name. 2. Tenants in common. Here, two or more people own property together. Under a tenant-in-common arrangement, each owner has a divis...