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If Trump and Buffett can do it, so can you

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(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Read Part 1, "Push home buyers off the fence now.") If you're struggling with reluctant buyers, you can get your buyers to buy now! Last week's article looked at four strategies for motivating buyers to buy now. Here are four additional strategies to help you persuade a reluctant buyer that today is the best time ever to purchase. 1. The smart investor conversation It's no secret that people like Warren Buffett and Donald Trump are actively involved in purchasing as much real estate as possible. Explain to your buyers, that like Buffett and Trump, the smartest people in the real estate business are contrarians. They sell when prices increase and buy when prices are going down. This may be a little difficult for some buyers to grasp since it is exactly opposite to how most consumers behave. When prices increase, buyers stampede to buy property to capitalize on the increases. Of course, when markets fall, those who bought at o...