Roommate furious after surprise police search

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Q: I share an apartment with another guy. The police showed up at our door last night, saying that a nearby apartment had been burglarized and asking to be let in to look around. I said OK, and they came in, looked around, and left. My roommate, who wasn't home, is furious with me, and said I had no right to allow the cops to enter. What do you think? --Paul M. A: The officers didn't show you a search warrant, and apparently had no good reason to forcibly enter without a warrant (for example, they didn't claim they had information that the burglar was inside). Therefore, you could have said "no" and prevented their entry. But you allowed them to come in, making them your guests. You and your roommate have equal and unfettered rights to invite whomever you please into your apartment. If one of you dislikes the other's guests, you can certainly argue about it, but the only sure way to prevail is to get your landlord to intervene. A wise landlord won't do so unless ...