Home-sale commissions too high, seller says

If broker's rate is unacceptable, demand it be lowered or go elsewhere

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DEAR BENNY: I had my home priced under the market price and recently took it away from the brokers so I could lower the price even more. Why? Well, I have a beautiful, wonderfully priced home and did not get any offers. In this period of downturn in the real estate market, each week we are told, "Price your house under the market value or pull it off the market." My question is this: Why is it entirely on the homeowners to take a hit when this whole mess was not their fault -- except some got greedy on the price? Homeowners would be less resistant to lowering the price if the real estate brokers would also lower their commission rates. Is it a state law that they cannot lower their fees? We are in this together and we need some incentives from the real estate brokers. --Bob DEAR BOB: For fear of being criticized again for being too cynical, I have to say that everyone believes his or her house is beautiful and "wonderfully priced." But that's not always...