Moving to a new city? Web’s got you covered

From Google to Megan's Law, sites help make choosing destination easier

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Q: I'm relocating to another city and don't know which area to consider. How can I tell if a neighborhood is convenient, safe and close to what I want to do? A: Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, checking out a new area is easier than ever before. Assuming you've figured out your budget, try pinpointing possible neighborhoods that fit into your needs by asking friends, colleagues or co-workers. Also make a list of your location must-haves, such as convenient commuter routes or favorite type of off-time activities. Looking for a place to start inputting your choices? An amazing tool for researching a world of destinations is through the Web site Once downloaded from the Internet and onto your computer system, for no charge you have a satellite view of the world down to the finest detail. Starting with a view of a twirling globe, with a click and roll of your mouse you can hone in anywhere on earth you desire -- from as general as the clouds above a reg...