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Twitter, blogs hold marketing clues

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The following is a roundup of real estate-related blog posts from around the Web: Web 2.0 marketing: Listen, then buildBill Rice offers an excellent A-to-Z primer on Web 2.0 marketing on Better Closer. While Rice's advice is geared to mortgage lenders, it's transferable to real estate brokers or agents -- or anybody who does marketing. In addition to links that help you do the nuts-and-bolts assembly -- where to get a blog, resources for putting audio and video on the net, and how to distribute content using RSS or promote it on Twitter, Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon -- Rice offers some insight into a less technical topic many folks give little thought to: finding out who your prospective customers are and what they talk about. Rice suggests searching out conversations on blogs, discussion groups and Twitter in order to find out "where (prospects) are, who they talk to, and the funny words they use." These conversations "will give you valuable information....