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Readers weigh in on RESPA, red tape

Inman Community roundup

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The following is a collection of reader comments found on Your reputation is on the line when writing online EPerks sues blogger over online comments "This problem seems to point back to greed. The fact that Vlad was being paid to write the original reviews strikes me as part of the problem. I know that this is part of the norm out there, but it is still deceiving. Most people that are reading blogs are of the belief that the writer is unbiased or is at least an outsider. If you are being paid to blog, you are part of the company that hires you and they should have some control over your output. If you don't like your employers, don't work for them; and keep in mind that it is your reputation you are putting on the line when you decide to sell out." --Todd Anderson Red tape abounds in banking Fed: Lenders still tightening standards "There seems to be more red tape with the banks currently and there seems to be more people who know l...