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Abracadabra. Your Web site has vanished. Your blog: MIA. HomeGain, Trulia, Zillow, ActiveRain … all gone. As if they never existed. You reach for your phone but there's no dial tone. Your computer -- no Internet activity. No e-mail. No IM. Dead calm. Lead generation, TMS, CRM … fond memories. Lockboxes. Coaches. Trainers. Continuing-ed outfits. Gone. No more "vendors" profiting inside real estate.Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet It's been water cooler talk. Now it's taken hold in the blogosphere: The notion that real estate would be better served if vendors could be deleted from the process. We're not just talking about technology vendors. Conference vendors, professional services vendors, training vendors and brokers, too, should be banished -- especially those who attempt to offset the cost of operations by selling things like training, education, Web sites and marketing materials Utopia? I hardly think so. Without vendors, real estate would...