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Tap into Gen X, Gen Y goldmine

If you're not marketing listings with video, you're missing out

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Video applications are one of the new hot applications in real estate. Are you up on the latest? If you're not marketing your listings using video, you're missing a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, provide a higher level of service to your clients, and reach the hot new Gen X and Gen Y markets. Perhaps the most challenging question is where to begin and how much to spend. Not only are some of the names confusing, so is selecting the one that will work best with your business. The price points range from very little to very expensive, depending upon the level of quality you want. Easy Ways to Get Started There are a number of excellent video applications that have a minimum cost. Many agents already market their listings with a virtual tour. If you would like to make your own 30- or 60-second commercial, three different companies provide an easy-to-use approach that lets you upload multiple pictures that appear as a video. One of the sim...