Family challenges ‘cure or quit’ notice

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Q: My wife and I received a three-day "Notice to cure or quit" from our property manager. The manager claims my child was throwing thrash and making excessive noise inside the apartment complex. When we asked for proof, they said that they did not have any. In fact, we found out that there were several other children playing with our child on the alleged date, and their parents did not receive notices. I smell discrimination! --Robert A: Your family may have experienced unequal treatment, but that's not necessarily the same as illegal discrimination. Here's the basics: Landlords may not single out people and treat them differently because of a protected characteristic (race, color, religion, national origin, families with children, pregnancy, disability, and sex). For example, landlords may not reject prospects because of their race or terminate the leases of certain tenants because of their religion. Nor should a landlord choose to "write up" a black c...