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‘Most people see through this business model’

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The following is a collection of reader comments found on Online brokers can lack human touch Iggys House CEO reports 'restructuring' "Online brokerage services have a long way to go. In concept, they sound neat, but real people need real help. A Web site approach can't provide the handholding needed for most buyers or sellers during the purchase and sale of their most important asset. A cheap fee and no service equate to a poor business model. Most people see through this business model and choose a full-service brokerage for a variety of real world reasons." --Peter Tremulis Praying for higher interest rates 1930s-style collapse haunts economy "I for one am praying for an interest-rate increase. If no one is buying anything, why lower interest rates? People will slow down on discretionary spending, like new cars, TVs, dinner out, iPods, etc. People will not/cannot stop spending money on staples and energy. People need fuels for th...