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A tough road to financial responsibility

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The following is a collection of reader comments found on Bringing back the '80s Imagine housing without a secondary market "My thinking though is that we are headed to a mortgage lending style reminiscent more of 1980 than 1970. We had a fairly dynamic secondary market by then, though it will seem much more primitive than it really is. "There are still folks around who remember how to do traditional mortgage lending and if we would allow them to take over the reins we could help restore order. We can start by ditching FICO and teaching our young people how to make credit decisions. "Part of the problem is that much of our real estate community did not know that easy credit such as we've experienced for over 20 years is not normal. It was like mainlining a hard drug, and getting used to lives of financial responsibility might be hard but we can do it." --Diane Cipa Blogger favors cold, hard truth over 'rah-rah' comments Online C...