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Future-Proof: Navigate Threats, Seize Opportunities at ICNY 2018 | Jan 22-26 at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York

Author's note: This year, as in the past, I'm moderating several sessions at Real Estate Connect. If you've not yet registered, take the time to do so -- it's going to be a great show. One session is titled "Building a killer brokerage in a Web 2.0 world." I'm devoting this article to what that means to me.Register for Connect SF '08 Now! What is a 'Web 2.0 world'? We've all read the O'Reilly manifesto. It's deep, comprehensive and defines how millions of people interact online. Most have no sense of what folksonomy, long tail, open source, and Ajax on Rails are or mean. Nevertheless, these things have changed the way they interact with each other forever. Perhaps it is simple curiosity that propels most people into social engagement on the Web. Or the challenge of figuring out something new. Or maybe it's a desire to be part of a phenomenon. Real estate people, on the other hand, are more practical. And at times stubborn. Maybe a bit too much for their own go...