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Mixing business with ‘friends’

Letters From the Home Front

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I am now accepting friends. It became a little running joke at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference last week. For reasons known only to the sloppy vendor responsible for my brain's faulty wiring, I felt compelled during a panel discussion to publicly announce that I was, more or less, friendless. "I have 12 Facebook friends!" I blurted, and I was actually bragging when I said it. Having started the morning with a high "five" on my Facebook tally board (median age 16.8), I was feeling somewhat empowered. My daughters know that I am constantly on a mission to "get it." While I still don't get how Facebook is going to further the pay-the-bills cause at Chez Berg, I figure I need to give it a reasonable try before it goes the way of the 846 other failed social networking attempts I have perpetrated. I suspect there is some critical mass that needs to be realized before I can cast the final vote, so onward I go. And the support has been overw...