Tenant: Splitting cost of new floor is unfair

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Q: I live by myself and have a large home. To help cover my mortgage I decided to rent out a couple of the extra bedrooms. My two roommates each have their own bedroom and bathroom, and we share the living room and kitchen and rest of the house. Last weekend, one of my tenants was dying a leather belt in the kitchen and he accidentally tipped the bottle over and spilled dye all over the linoleum flooring. He tried in vain to clean it up quickly, but there is nothing that will take this permanent dye out of the flooring. This is sheet vinyl and the damage is permanent and will require the entire linoleum to be replaced. My tenant at first balked at paying anything but has now approached me with a proposal that he'd pay for 20 percent of the new flooring. He justifies this amount based on this type of flooring having a lifetime expectancy of 15 years, and it is now approximately 12 years old. Therefore, he calculates that the remaining life is three years, or 20 percent of...