Homeowners feel title office should pay for mistake

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DEAR BENNY: We just bought a house in a community association and the title company handled all the fees and the settlement charges. We have been in the house for three months and we just got a $200 bill for an initiation fee for our association. The property manager told me that the title company should have called and asked about fees. Although we paid three months of fees in the settlement charges for the association, the title company never inquired about an initiation fee. The property manager said if they had called for all the fees they would have been told about this fee. I called the title company and they admitted they screwed up. But they said I would have had to pay for it anyway. I feel they should pay. Am I right? --Vito DEAR VITO: If you look carefully at all of the documents you signed at settlement, I suspect you'll find that you agreed to be responsible for any mistakes made by the lender as well as the title company. The title company made a mistake, and ...