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Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Two years ago (aw, c'mon guys, I swear I'm still a rookie) I wrote a column about hanging out on the Internet to gain customers. I expressed shock about how mean people could be when they could hide behind electronic identities, and I questioned why chat boards weren't a better place for lead generation. I have just closed a deal with someone I met on the Internet nine weeks ago -- a rental deal, but still a check and a possible sales lead -- I thought it might make sense to revisit the subject. The chat boards have changed and I've changed, and it seems like the perfect time to formulate some guidelines for others who want to do real estate chat: Thou shalt identify oneself as a broker. The Internet is magical -- as long as there's a backspace key it makes us all wittier, and as long as there's no video camera it makes us all prettier. But fundamentally you want to sell your services, and the way to start is the way you would in person: to identify yourself as a salesperso...