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Markets range from ‘volatile’ to ‘feeding frenzy’

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Editor's note: The following is a collection of real estate professionals' views on an industry-related topic. QUESTION: What is the current state of home prices and sales in your market area? Terri Fiyalko Kastings & Associates Real Estate Services Gresham, Ore. My niche market is rural country homes, so the price of gas must be factored into the slower real estate market. However, in my neck of the woods, the higher prices of close-in locations negate any monthly savings for fuel. But I do find that I oftentimes have to run figures for buyers so they can see just that. Buyers are slowly emerging cautiously, primarily seeking deals and steals. We have high listing inventories, and definitely longer market times, though I see few that fit the "deals or steals" category. Pricing has become all-important for sellers, and appraisal values hard to predict for lack of sufficient sales in the past six months. Thus, like appraisers, actives are influe...