When mortgage is sold, strange things can happen

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"I bought my house in June. In October, I made my mortgage payment to XYZ Mortgage as usual. A few weeks later, the payment was returned with a note saying that my mortgage had been sold to ABC Mortgage. However, when I contacted ABC, they said they had no record of my mortgage. I have not made my payment for October or November, and my December payment will shortly be due. I have an escrow account for the payment of taxes and insurance, but I just received an overdue notice from the tax department ... What should I do?" When mortgages are sold, bad things occasionally happen, but I have never heard of a mortgage disappearing entirely. I'm glad you are not entertaining the possibility that the mortgage will never be found and you will be relieved of the necessity of paying it off. It will be found, of that you may be sure, and when it is you will be expected to make all the payments you missed. Here is what I would do if it happened to me. First, I would pay the ...