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Humor and other real estate superpowers

Realtor Notebook

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Recently, I have been reading some articles written mainly by people who provide coaching to the real estate industry about the types of skills that are needed to succeed as a Realtor. Some of the skills are soft skills like communication and negotiation. Everyone seems to agree that technical skills are a must-have and that it helps to know how to write. Some are hard skills like money management and understanding numbers. Some are learned in school and others are learned through experience in the greatest school of them all: life. As I look at what it takes to do my job, I see a couple of things that none of these articles have addressed. Maybe they are soft skills or maybe they are not skills at all, but ways of coping. The skills or strengths that I use in my job as a Realtor are most often a sense of humor, flexibility and creativity -- pretty much in that order. Humor is a great way to diffuse a tense situation. It is also a great way to tick people off if it is us...