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Curbed getting into the listings game

Perspective: From the GeekEstate blog

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Editor's note: This article was originally posted on the GeekEstate Blog. If you follow the Curbed blog, you probably saw Lockhart Steele’s post mentioning the new Curbed Marketplace.What is it? From their help page: "It’s a place for sellers and brokers to post real estate listings, and for buyers to browse and search them. But unlike some other systems, we’ve designed the Marketplace to feature big, beautiful photographs and a blog-style layout of properties perfect for perusing. We’re hoping this makes discovering a property -- and selling one -- a pleasure." The Marketplace is scheduled to be officially launched after Labor Day -- in the meantime, you can take a look here and browse New York City listings such as 100 Suffolk St. that have been posted by the early adopters (listing a property is free until the official launch). There are some additional answers from the site's Help section that help explain the Curbed Marketplace. For example, "The idea behin...