Builder offering big discounts to select buyers

Paying different prices for same model creates tension

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DEAR BENNY: We recently purchased a new home, only to find out that two weeks later the builder had offered substantially more of a discount to other buyers for the same model we had purchased. This has continued to date, but we were told there were no more discounts, all the while the builder was offering discounts above and beyond what we received. Is there any recourse I can pursue in this matter as I am left with hardly any equity in a manner of less than two weeks after I closed? --Raj DEAR RAJ: Unfortunately, this has become a common problem in recent months. Developers are anxious to sell their inventory and thus will offer money discounts (or other gratuities) in order to make the sale. The case law throughout the country will not help you. Courts take the position that what happens after you buy is your concern and not the seller's. The court usually asks: "Would you be complaining if the house appreciated rapidly? Would you be willing to give your seller some...